We have been gearing up to deliver the first UK Muskathlon - a neon nighttime event designed to highlight and support the work of Justice and Care: a charity doing brilliant work fighting slavery both in the UK and beyond. 

We were excited.  However, very sadly we have had to take the decision to cancel the event. We are all gutted. Unforeseen circumstances at 4M have meant that we cannot make it work. It is disappointing for everyone and we’re really sorry.

We will of course be refunding all entry fees and Justice and Care will be offering to refund any donations made.  However, slavery is vile and, despite this event not going ahead, we hope you would still look to fight against human trafficking wherever you see it. So please think about how you could still support the work of Justice and Care - whether taking part in another sporting event or getting on-board with them as a supporter in other ways.  

Once again: we are sorry that this event won’t be going ahead.

James Ray



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