Challenge is good for us. Adventure is exciting. Injustice needs fighting. Faith needs stretching. Friendships need growing. Want to join us in these things in 2019?

This is a unique opportunity for you to do something remarkable. Something new. Something different.
It’s time to RUN FOR FREEDOM
Join us for this Muskathlon: A totally immersive experience on the Brighton sea front as we host a neon night run – thousands of lights shining in the darkness.
The event will start on Friday 22 March finishing with a race party at sunrise on Saturday 23rd. During this time you will be exposed to the amazing work of Justice & Care who are fighting to end human trafficking and will participate in a 6 hour action event (RUN OR WALK either as an individual or as a team) running through the night -- think neon, colour run, UV canons, bright lights, dark shadows. As you run through the night you will be running for the freedom of hundreds of victims of trafficking in the UK and Europe. Each step pushes you closer towards the finish line and an epic celebration of FREEDOM. Now that’s got to be worth losing some sleep over!!!
Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a Park Runner or a non-runner, there is time and this event is for you. You can go as far as you can, or join a team of others (your mates!) to run smaller distances – whatever’s right for you. The key focus is doing something epic. Doing something bold. Doing something memorable. Making an impact.
We have partnered with Justice & Care and your fundraising target starts at £1,000 to rescue victims of slavery and human trafficking and help them rebuild their lives. But why stop there? We have seen hundreds of people raise £10,000 on Muskathlons – so set yourself a big challenge and go for it.
Start training now. Start talking now. Start acting now. This one is for those trapped in darkness……and the message is……the light is coming!!
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We work with the police to rescue victims of slavery, bring criminal networks to justice and spark systemic change.

We restore lives, secure communities at risk from traffickers and bring together world class specialists to tackle the issue.


How far do we have to run/walk?  
The route is based on a 6 hours of activity so there is a clear start and finish. The course is spread over 8.4 miles as a figure of eight. The central point of the '8' will be a pit stop area. Simply run/walk as far as you can in 6 hours and rest as often as you need to. How far do you think you can go? We have some people who are setting themselves targets for a marathon, even some for 40 miles! Equally there will be many walking the whole time and just not stopping for the whole 6 hours! 

Is this Muskathlon a running only event? In the past I see that Muskathlons also included cycling?  
This is a running/walking event. We do offer cycling on our Muskathlon in Rwanda - check that out if you are keen to cycle.   

How much do I have to fundraise?  
This is a bit like asking, how much help shall I give? The answer is as much as you can, and then some! In our experience, the higher you set your target, the more people will give you to help you. Seriously, it works! Don't limit yourself. The target is £1000 per person, but in the past, ordinary people have raised, £5k, £10k & even £23k for a Muskathlon.....just because they went big!   

Can others join me? How does the team element work?  
That's one of the great things about this course, you can make up a team of two or more (each member fundraises £1,000). Teams work on a relay basis running or walking one at a time -- how you divide up the time/distance is up to you.  

Will there be somewhere to eat and prepare for the night activity?  
Yes. We know how to run these events well and so we will look after you; there will even be a 'pasta party' before we go off!  

Who are Justice and Care and how will my fundraising make a difference?  
Justice and Care establish teams in national and international locations, bringing together experts from different fields to fight slavery. There teams work together to prevent crime, protect people, rescue and restore victims and bring to justice all those responsible. Justice and Care then use their knowledge and experience to spark systemic change, bringing their learnings to the table to help develop best practice and change laws, strategy and processes.  

Who are 4MUK?  
We are a group of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. We believe that challenge and adventure are good for us. However, we don't just do things for our own sake, we want people everywhere to have MIND, BODY, SOUL ADVENTURES that change them and the world around them. We believe passionately that people can do remarkably more than they think they can, and we see amazing results, and lives changed for the better EVERY time we organise an event! You can trust us!!   

Are there any age restrictions?  
The age restriction is 16 years of age because this event will expose each participant to the horrors of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The stories of human trafficking cases is heartbreaking and usually contain disturbing themes. 

Will the route be safe at night?  
Yes. We are working alongside Sussex Police and the local Council to ensure this event runs safely and well.  

Will I need accommodation?  
We don't think accommodation will be needed as the event will be active during the night. However, you may want to think about a place to relax post event - but that could be your bed at home!  

What is the actual run/walk commitment?  
The route is based on a 6-hour time - spread over 8.4 miles as a figure of eight. The central point of the 8 will be a pit-stop area. Simply run/walk as far as you can in 6 hours. We will start and finish as a team - no man left behind! 


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