A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in the heart of places around the world suffering extreme injustice. Muskathlons trigger change.

The Muskathlon adventure offers an unforgettable sporting experience whilst giving impactful first hand exposure to the good work of local organisations fighting against injustice. In addition to the event, all participants raise significant funds which are given directly to specific charities so that the impact of this huge injection of funds can be observed whilst on the trip. A Muskathlon is a life-changing experience engaging the mind, body and soul like nothing else. A Muskathlon is unique.



Frequently Asked Questions

What immunisations do I need? We are not medical experts, therefore we strongly advise that you speak to your GP surgery or local travel clinic as they can advise if there is any other specific to yourself, or if the recommendations have changed. 

Do I need Malaria tablets? In our experience, the places we travel to all advise us to have the Malaria tablets. We again, strongly advise you to seek advise from your GP. Please note that some tablets need to be taken several weeks before travel as well as afterward.

Do I need my own travel insurance? YES; We do not offer group travel insurance. You will not be covered on our insurance therefore we would recommend you get your own policy. Please make sure that you are covered for a race/event in your policy.

Can I extend my stay if I am in the group booking.  Unfortunately there is no chance to extend your stay if you are part of the group booking. If you wish to do this, you will need to book your own flights and accommodation arrangements for the period outside our event. 

How long do I need left on my passport. In accordance to the government guidelines (, you will need a minimum of 6 clear months remaining on your passport from the date of entry and will also need 2 clear pages.

Do I need a VISA? Yes you need a VISA. This can be done either before you fly out, which is what we would advise. You can obtain this easily online. We will update you with a web link once you have signed up.

How do I take my bike? You will need to pack your bike in a BIKE BOX. You can either borrow one from a friend, buy one or hire one for £6 per day from somewhere like ‘Bike Box Hire’

Will I need a mosquito net? The Hotels will all have mosquito nets. If you have one or would like your own please feel free to bring it with you.

How can my family and friends stay in touch with the trip? Your mobile phone should work If you wish to use it. Be aware that your carrier may charge you and It can get expensive so we do not advise this. Most hotels will have WIFI although in Africa It can be very ‘unpredictable’. We recommend Skype, Face Time or WahtsApp which all work using WIFI.

Is there an emergency number I can give to my family?  Yes we will give you 2 contact numbers and emails. These will be confirmed in a Travel Guide which will be sent to you as a PDF one month before the trip and also a printed copy which you will receive at the airport on departure.

What is the schedule?  We have a basic schedule on the website. Full details will be included within the ‘Travel Guide’.


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