"The XCC was one of the greatest adventures of my life" M. H

'It was an amazing confirmation that I can achieve, feel loved and serve by the grace of God and the help of my brothers' P. N

My advice to any man battling with his demons do an xcc you will not regret it. H.C


Have to say I was dreading the XCC this time last week! By Friday night I was knackered and I knew that this week was one of the biggest, most defining of my career to date, I was thinking I had made a mistake coming to XCC and thought I would blow my opportunity this week, a week in which I led a conference with our top operational leaders, a week where we would decide upon some pretty important stuff about the future of our business, new markets, what it means for our people...

But come Monday morning I was on FIRE! and I am still buzzing Friday night! I am struggling to explain it to people. My eyes look both shattered and alive, my body, my dodgy, road-run-ragged knees, should be wiped out by now. But I feel more alive that I have for a long time and this at the end of a crazy busy week in which I have been able to give 100% in the places and meetings and home life I needed to!

My wife is amazed...she expected me to come crawling through the door (as I did when I did tough mudder a couple of weeks ago, clutching my knees and vowing to never be so stupid again!) When I offered to cook she laughed, held my stinking body and gasped to catch her breath (smell and shock!) Your advice to serve her was the best I have heard in ages! Thank you!!!
Dude, I can say now that the counter-intuitive decision to do XCC was one of the best I have made in recent months. I need to get men in my network on this.



My father was hard core, he would smash the shit out of me big style. Yes I was hard core too, hard core naughty always in some sort of trouble, so because of this I felt that I deserved the beatings.
My Mom got cancer while I was in the army doing my two year national service ( got into some trouble there too, another story) Soon after I got out of the army she died. She left me her car in her will, I was over the moon. One night went out got pissed passed out and smashed it into a parked car. I ran away because I was drunk and was known to the local police and they would love to get their hands on me again.

When I had sobered up I went home and was told by my father that he hated me because I had killed my mom, he told me that because of all the trouble I had been in he believed that the stress I put on her caused the cancer. I told myself that it was the grief of loosing her that had made him say that, that's how I coped with it. But really he had told me most my life that I was useless. One of he's favourite sayings to me was that if there was a piece of shit on the top of MT Everest I would be the one to stand in it.

When we were woken up on that Friday night or Saturday morning during our private prayer time I just asked God why I was here and what did He want to say to me. He told me I had no self worth and showed me the damage my father had done to me. I went back to my group and told them in between my sobbing, my brothers just spoke words of encouragement and love over me, I knew that this is how God was communicating with me!!!!

I thought that I had dealt with it, but really I had just buried it. To my amazement, God smashed all those walls I had built to protect myself. Those same walls had also prevented me from forming any real friendships too because deep down I felt not good enough.


The Welsh XCC was an absolute incredible experience and I would like to pay for the free place I was given in order for someone else to gain the invaluable experience.

I am new to faith, and it has been a long journey for me personally which I have struggled to accept. I have spent many hours before the weekend trying to understand what faith was to me. I was embarrassed to have a faith and it was something I never discussed, I got a lots of jibes from family members before the trip 'are you off to find god' etc which I brushed off with a laugh and a joke etc, but when I came back and I was asked 'if I had found god' I simply said yes ... I can't explain what a relief that was.



This weekend (on XCC) my heart regained a lot of its shape. I feel physically, mentally and emotionally better than I have ever felt. When I got home I just held my boys then stood up and held my wife like I've never held her before... it was beautiful.

I. K.


...Slowly over the 48 hours, I was able to break down so many of the barriers that have been plaguing me for ages. I had pushed so much of my own interests and pride to the front of my life. The effects of this were easy to see: I had experienced the 'heart of my wife harden' (to borrow words from one of the speakers)

Having a chance to contemplate as we walked and having supportive and serious conversations with a great team, I felt a burden beginning to be removed. I am not really able to express what it then felt to walk up the hill in the rain to find the cross. This image of the welsh hillside will stay with me and give me so much hope and joy.

Now it is back to life as normal – only it isn't! Normally when I come back from a work trip, I start by ignoring my wife and having a multiple hour argument as a result. For the first time in ages, I was able to feel some peace at home and in my heart. XCC has changed my life!

D. L.

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