Imagine running through the lush landscape of Rwanda. As your feet pound the dusty red roads you're cheered on by the dancing and singing of local villagers and children who have gathered to support you. Just as your energy levels start to dip and weariness kicks in, smiling children join your side and spur you on for the remainder of the course.

The story behind the Rwanda Muskathlon In 1994 Hutu militia murdered an estimated 800.000 fellow Rwandese citizens from the Tutsi tribe, within 100 days. The murdering was done by machete or different brutal ways of killing. It was in Rwanda 1994 that killing your neighbor became an art. The reigning president, Paul Kagama, liberated the country from the endless killing, by leading his Tutsi army to gain power of the country. Since 1994 Kagame has been ruling the country and many projects on reconciliation have taken place, leading the country to a place of relative rest. But still trauma and scars are everywhere. Compassion focuses on leading new generations of children to be able to lead their country to a future of peace, brotherhood and prosperity.

Taking part in the Rwanda Muskathlon will offer you a unique glimpse into one of the main tragedies of our current generation, as well as show you the unique ways in which the people of God, through his grace can lead a country into a new direction.

Muskathlon - Event Rwanda is called the country of a 1.000 hills. The track leads partly over dirt roads through the mountainous terrain and partly over main roads.

21 - 28 June 2019

  • Run: half marathon, full marathon or ultra-marathon
  • Cycle: 120km mountain bike
  • Walk: 42km or 60km


10 children sponsored

Knowing the incredible impact one-to-one sponsorship has on children in poverty, we ask that you aim to find sponsors for 10 children. For every new sponsored child, your fundraising target will be reduced by £1,000. Your target starts at £10,000. That way, if you find sponsors for 10 children you've achieved your goal. Similarly, you could find 8 sponsors and £2,000 in donations and you've also reached the target! We have years of experience in fundraising so we'll give you plenty of advice and tips.


If you sponsor a child in Rwanda, you'll get the opportunity to meet them! Seeing with your own eyes the incredible difference your sponsorship is making.


  • Trip costs: £899                                                                                                                                  
  • (+ flights)



  • Accommodation
  • Travel in country
  • Meals and drinks
  • Sports top
  • Event organisation

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Child protection check
  • Additional expenses of a personal nature


We advise you take your training seriously due to the distances and increased altitude involved. We have professional support on board so we'll be sending this to you if required. We will send out training programs and be running training days when you are signed up.


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